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Crystalyn Cook

I have an answer to prayer! My friend Jennifer, who has been on this board since it was an actual physical board, had her final court appearance yesterday. She has been dreading it for a year because the baby she has been fostering since 2 days old and wants to adopt finally is adoptable (family severed all ties). The problem was that this is a crack baby, and has a lot of health problems and if they wait until 2 years old to adopt the state pays for all healthcare until they are 18, but if they adopt before then the state covers nothing. They were told that she HAD to adopt once the ties were severed, or they would take her away to be adopted by someone else. So the baby turns 2 in December, but the judge told them that they were perfectly fine to wait until then! The caseworkers all told Jennifer it'd be impossible, so God answered her prayer!